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Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) for RoRo Shipping


We add a Bunker Adjustment factor (BAF) to the freight rate to compensate for fluctuations in the price of the fuel (bunker) we use to power our ships. The BAF for month N is based on the average Rotterdam Low Sulphur Marine Gas Oil (LSMGO) price in €/tonne from the 16th of the month N-2 until 15th of the month N-1. The BAF is revised every month.

The applicable MGO price for October 2023 is: EUR 860.82 (Average MGO Rotterdam 16.08.2023-15.09.2023)

Other currencies: 

  • ROE EUR/USD: 1.0800 (average)
  • ROE EUR/GBP: 0.8569 (average)
  • ROE EUR/SEK: 11.8940 (average)

Please consult the documents below to find out which BAF level applies to each individual sailing route:

Previous months

Applicable MGO price for (based on average MGO Rotterdam)  
September 2023 (16.07.2023 - 15.08.2023)766.95
August 2023 (16.06.2023 - 15.07.2023)658.91
July 2023 (16.05.2023 - 15.06.2023)629.50
June 2023 (16.04.2023 - 15.05.2023)626.92