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IT roles at CLdN


Our IT function is located in two main offices in Belgium and Luxembourg and supported by teams based in our ports. In Belgium, our team designs, develops and tests CLdN’s operational software. In Luxembourg, the team manages CLdN’s network across 20 sites in Europe, serving users onshore and onboard our vessels. CLdN’s commitment to excellence drives our adoption of advanced technologies and systems. We recruit developers, network engineers, system administrators, cyber security specialists, IT operations managers and IT project managers, among other roles. Click below to see what positions are currently available.

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Name: Gabor
Location: Luxembourg office

System administrators keep customers satisfied with the company’s IT equipment and keep the backbone of the business running. Good communication skills are important because we must inform a lot of people about system updates. One of the best things about working at CLdN is that you have the chance to ‘touch’ all IT segments within the company.

Our job can mean occasionally disrupting the work of colleagues, but fortunately my co-workers are very understanding. And company gatherings make it easier to match faces with email addresses!

Gabor, System Administrator

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