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Our Terminals

Our terminals

We own and operate RoRo terminals at five ports located in Belgium, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Our ports are dedicated to the handling and storage of RoRo cargo, such as trailers – (tank) containers - automotive and general cargo.

  • Belgium : 3 terminals in Zeebrugge (total 2 million m²)
  • The Netherlands: 2 terminals in Rotterdam (total 668 000 m²)
  • The Netherlands: 1 terminal in Vlissingen (total 1 million m²)
  • UK: 1 terminal in Killingholme (total 1 million m²)
  • UK: 1 terminal in London (total 660 000 m²)


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5 dedicated ports


CLdN at Killingholme is located on the river Humber

  • 6 lock free RoRo (deep-sea) berths
  • 100 ha of adjoining freehold terminal infrastructure.
  • Major gateway for trade connecting the UK with the European mainland and beyond.
  • PDI center on site

Haven House, Clough Ln, North Killingholme DN40 3JP, United Kingdom


CLdN at London (Purfleet) is located on the river Thames

  • 2 lock free RoRo berths
  • 66 ha adjoining freehold terminal infrastructure
  • Major gateway for the greater London area
  • PDI center on site

Long Reach House, London Rd, Purfleet RM19 1PD, United Kingdom


CLdN at Rotterdam is located at the Brittanniëhaven (Botlek) at Rotterdam port

  • 5 lock free RoRo berths
  • 68 ha adjoining terminal infrastructure.
  • Barge and rail connected.
  • The automotive division operates separate deep sea RoRo berths and offers extensive automotive handling, covered storage, PDI and value-added services.

Merseyweg 70, 3197 KG Botlek Rotterdam, Netherlands
Merseyweg 50, 3197 KG Botlek Rotterdam, Netherlands (CLdN Automotive)


CLdN at Vlissingen is located at the Nieuwland area within North Sea Port

  • 4 lock free RoRo berths
  • Over 100 ha adjoining terminal infrastructure
  • Barge and rail connected
  • PDI center on site

Ritthemsestraat 497, 4389 PA Ritthem, Netherlands


  • At Zeebrugge CLdN operates 3 terminals totaling 200 ha of terminal infrastructure.
  • The Brittannia Quay and Albert II dock are located in the outer port operating resp. 4 and 2 lock free RoRo berths and directly connected with fully developed terminal infrastructure.
  • The Canada Quay, located in the inner port of Zeebrugge, operates a dedicated deep-sea RoRo berth connecting to a dedicated terminal specialized in automotive handling, storage, PDI and value-added services.
  • Barge and rail connected.

Hendrik van Minderhoutstraat 50, 8380 Brugge