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Our Fleet

Discover our H5's

Today, we have 6 H5 vessels in our fleet. Two of them, M/V Faustine and M/V Seraphine are the two newest, largest and most adaptable vessels in our fleet of more than 30 ships. Cristian, one of our Chief Officers, kindly agreed to guide you round one of our H5s to show what she can do!.

Top performer for CO2 emissions

In 2021, CLdN was the top performer amongst its RoRo shipping peers in Western Europe for CO2 emissions per tonne km.

By investing in technologically advanced ships, terminals and multimodal ransport solutions, we enable our customers to make their supply chains more efficient and reduce their carbon foodprint.


State of the art fleet

We own and operate more than 30 RoRo vessels and our fleet is the most CO2 efficient in Western Europe. After the delivery of our new 5.000 lane metre mixed fuel vessels Faustine and Seraphine, we placed an order for two new super-efficient 8.000 lane metre vessels with a technologically advanced propulsion train. We are looking forward to welcoming them into our fleet in 2025.

The order is a result of two years of intense engineering and development together with Hyundai Mipo Dockyard.


Two new hybrid RoRo ships

The new ships, built in South Korea, will be equipped with two conventional main engines as well as two electric propulsion motors of 6MW each. In full electric mode the ship can achieve a cruising speed of 16–17 kn.

Both vessels will also allow the integration of new fuel and/or battery technology. Compared with our largest vessels currently in operation (Celine and Delphine), the new ships will further reduce GHG emissions by 40%.