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CLdN becomes an official partner of Campus 19

CLdN becomes an official partner of Campus 19

CLdN is pleased to announce that it has become an official partner of the information technology school, Campus 19.

Campus 19 is an innovative coding school where students develop their skills through collaborative learning, project-based training and gamification. This innovative approach which involves no teachers or classroom learning, is accessible to anyone over 18 who wants to start a career in computer science. Campus 19 is based in Antwerp and Brussels and is part of the 42 network with 20,000 students in 54 campuses across 31 countries. 

Peter Pauwels, Head of IT Applications at CLdN, has been working with CLdN for 36 years. In that time, CLdN and the world of information technology have changed immeasurably. 

“I joined CLdN with three other people to set up the company’s first IT team. Today, IT and software are at the heart of almost everything we do at CLdN; I lead a group of 45 specialists in developing and applying software solutions across our business – in shipping, ports and cargo. This can cover applications as diverse as customer bookings, cargo unit tracking or handling port authority and customs declarations. We work closely with our operational colleagues and it’s a real motivation to see the benefits of our work every day. We support Campus 19’s approach of providing a practical, peer-to-peer education and look forward to providing opportunities for some of their IT wizards of tomorrow!”

Stéphan Salberter; CEO of Campus 19 says: "In light of climate change, technological advancements, and shifting demographics, every industry faces the imperative to innovate. This holds especially true for the shipping, logistics, and freight sectors. We are excited to announce CLdN as our new partner in an entirely novel sector for both our organization and our students. This collaboration promises fresh opportunities for both Campus19 and CLdN. Our students are enthusiastic about contributing to this partnership."

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