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New car storage facility at C.RO Ports Purfleet

Car storage facility in Purfleet

Purfleet - June 12, 2020 | Adjacent to their terminal in Purfleet, C.RO Ports has taken a new car deck into operation. Counting six stories in total, the covered parking area has room for over 10.000 cars and vans. From Purfleet, the brand-new vehicles will be distributed to a network of dealerships in the country.

Partly thanks to Purfleet's central location between port and market, and the velocity of the project execution, C.RO Ports has created the perfect circumstances for their clients from the automotive industry to establish a stockpile in time for Brexit. The new car storage facility fits right into CLdN's strategy to be a front-runner in dealing with the consequences of the UK leaving the European Union.

Capacity increase

CLdN currently handles about 1.000.000 vehicles every year. With the added car storage facility and the development of the surrounding areas, they are looking to increase capacity and create better circumstances for their automotive clients in regard to Brexit.


From the C.RO Ports terminal in Purfleet, CLdN offers daily ro-ro sailings to Zeebrugge (BE) and Rotterdam (NL), with through shipment possibilities to Santander (ES), Porto (PT), Göteborg (SE) Esbjerg (DK) and Dublin (IRE).

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