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One team, one brand, one CLdN.

CLdN new logo

All CLdN companies (CLdN RoRo/CLdN Cargo/C.Ro Ports) will use the common brand name “CLdN” as of 25 April 2022.

CLdN RoRo, CLdN Cargo and C.Ro Ports announced today that going forward, they will use the common brand name ‘CLdN’.

A common brand name is a logical next step for CLdN. By having further integrated the roro, ports and door-to-door activities over the past couple of years, closer cooperation and communication between different business departments was stimulated which boosts CLdN’s business development and continuous strive towards operational excellence. Being able to offer fully integrated door-to-door and quay-to-quay transport using their own trailers, containers, port infrastructure and vessels is a unique strength, which ensures that robust and reliable transport solutions can be guaranteed to CLdN’s customers.