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Quay operations roles at CLdN

Quay operations

Our quay operators play a key role in making sure clients’ goods arrive safely at their destination – and on time. Careful planning, teamwork and communication is important to achieve this. Positions range from stevedore (loading and unloading) to terminal operator, and from safety coordinator to team leader. To join our quay operations team, click below to view current vacancies.

Visit the terminal of Rotterdam here.

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Meet the team

Name: Tine
Location: Zeebrugge

Tine has forged her career at CLdN, joining the company in 2005. Tine says: “I started my career as a lasher and, after years of hard work and dedication, I reached a significant milestone by becoming the first female tug master driver in Zeebrugge. I recently took on the role of foreperson, leading and coordinating my team. Despite being surrounded mostly by male colleagues, I found my place and thrived in my role. Each day brings new challenges, but I embrace them wholeheartedly. It's what keeps me engaged and passionate about my work. I hope I can inspire women to take up roles in typically male-dominated workplaces and to show them that anything is possible. 

Tine, foreperson and tug master driver
Zeebrugge, Belgium

Name: Kevin
Location: Rotterdam

I’ve been working for CLdN in Rotterdam since April 2010. I’ve been able to maximise my potential, partly due to the port crane operator training I’ve received, and today, I still enjoy going to work at the Rotterdam terminal. I’ve always been open to learning new things, and at CLdN I can develop myself both personally and professionally. As a result, I’ve become more versatile in my role and career. I am a no-nonsense person. Within CLdN, this works very well. A lot has changed at the company in recent years for the better, from safety protocol to infrastructure. Last month I celebrated my 12.5-year anniversary at CLdN. If you ask me, I'll add another 30 years onto that. In terms of my future prospects, I aspire to a managerial position. Time will tell.

Kevin, Terminal Operator
Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

Name: Jerry
Location: Rotterdam

Initially, I worked only in operations as a reach stacker and tug master driver. For the last year and a half, I’ve filled the role of assistant team leader. I track the unloading and loading of ships, make sure units are stacked on time, and contact the CLdN shipping line to check on bookings of cargo. In other words, I do a bit of everything. Important qualities include determination and problem-solving abilities. At CLdN, you get a lot of freedom. It’s a nice workplace environment, and my colleagues have a real ‘port mentality’. It's cool to see everything changing and to see the company grow bigger – for example, the new canteen, new RMG cranes, rebuilding the stack. I’m satisfied with the job I have now and have plenty of prospects for the future.

Jerry, Assistant Team Leader
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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